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Business cards that get a second glance… compelling brochures that tell your story… postcards that light up their mail boxes… even a simple invoice… everything your business needs printed should be professional and well-designed.

I can help you with that!

Your website is the brochure for your company that doesn’t cost anything to print…but it can so much more than that…the first impression that gets someone to call you, the verification that you really know your business, the easiest way to order your products…let’s make your website what you need it to be!
Creating a new logo/brand is the most exciting part of this job! Its finding that match made in heaven for the business owner and audience and message all in one perfect visual impression. I love branding and you’ll know it when we work together on yours!
If you have an important event, you will need marketing for it…an invitation, sometimes a logo or an advertisment, definitely a look and feel. I can pull together all those pieces to draw people to your event and feel like they are part of something special when they are there.
Before I was a designer, I was an artist and a quilter. These passions have come together for me in surface pattern design, creating fabric design is a dream come true! I have an eye for color, an innate sense of good composition and pair that with a love of fabric and knowledge of how it is used by quilters and seamstresses. Let me design patterns for your next line.
My clients are important to me and I work for each one of them. They call me for marketing projects like the ones listed here… and call me when they come up with new or big ideas. Let me become part of your team and help implement your new marketing ideas too!

What My Clients Say...

I want to thank you again for the design, newsletter, and marketing help you do for you us. I consider you our marketing/design department. The speed at which you can complete our projects, the end result of your work, and your pricing our fantastic. Before working with you we would come up with an idea or do some advertising where we spend so much time and effort on the cost of the advertising or the amount of people we reached - but so little was put into the design... Now when they say "We can design the ad" – the answer is "NO, we have someone that will do that" and that person is you. In hindsight we really wasted a ton of money by not utilizing your service as so much of that prior marketing might have been great ideas but with the poor design it was not effective.

Now that we have worked together, you know what we want. I do not have to recreate the wheel on everything we do. This is a huge time saver which results in me doing what I do best – selling insurance – not trying to create marketing. I am proud of the marketing we do and that is because of the professionally designed work you give us.
Jeff EastvoldAbsolute Insurance Agency
I always thought it would be so much work and costly to set up a website but Emma made it easy and it was affordable. Emma clearly identified what I needed to do and before I knew it there was my beautiful website!
AnnetteIvy Brick Inn
Your understanding of my needs and wants in my personal marketing have translated into wonderful postcards, brochures and flyers. Always on time and on budget! Look forward to many more years with you and your company.
Realtor, Burlingame, CA
Emma wants to make her projects to look like she had time to develop a concept and then complete the art production giving the customer time for edits and conversions, but when the time has elapsed and you are down to the wire – she will make you look better than you deserve.
Newton StandridgeStandridge Group

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